Baby Sensory Thurrock


Full 1 hour classes (includes 20mins play break in our exclusive exploratory play area) in Grays (Gransjean Hall), Aveley and South Hornchurch.

£7.50 per one hour session. Payable termly (10 sessions), in advance.

Sensory only 45 minute classes at Gransjean Hall (Tuesdays) and Whitmore Hall. £7 per 45 minute session. Payable termly (10 sessions), in advance.

What is Sensory-Only?

The difference between our 1 hour classes and our 45 minutes sensory-only sessions is that we do not have an exploratory play area in the sensory-only classes.  During our sessions we start in our sensory area and have about 20-25 minutes of activities and then (in a full 1 hour class) we break to the exploratory play area, which is set-out different every week and includes a variety of sensory toys, textures, books etc to explore and offers a perfect opportunity to chat with other mums.  After approx 15 mins, we return to our sensory area for the remainder of the session.  Our classes mimic a baby’s hourly cycle of play-rest-play.  In the 45 minute sessions we still take a break to avoid baby’s becoming over stimulated but it is a shorter 5 minutes break and we remain in the sensory area, with a small selection of toys and books.

If your preferred class is full, please be flexible and consider attending at an alternative venue for the time being.  Then as an existing mum you will receive priority when a space becomes free in your preferred class.   

If you miss a session you are invited to attend a make-up class during your booking so you don’t have to miss out.  Please arrange this with your Class Leader. Make Up classes must be attended within the same week of missed sessions, sadly we cannot carry them over.


You are welcome to bring guests with you such as Nanny and Daddy too. Please ensure your class leader is aware in advance of your session so that she can make your guest comfortable.

For a full list of our Special Events please check out our Events page