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Exclusive Baby Sensory® Shop

Would you like to recreate activities from Baby Sensory® classes at home? Not sure how to play with your baby or toddler? Well look no further! Our online Baby Sensory® Shop provides a wealth of toys, props and resources to help stimulate and enhance your child's development. From exclusive products such as our award-winning ‘Say Hello’ range, to traditional toys, seasonal gifts and resources used in our classes, we can help you to create some very special moments. You can also be reassured that all our products are very carefully selected to ensure that your baby or toddler learns at every given opportunity.

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Say Hello with East Coast Nursery

Explore a world full of sensory experiences with the 'Say Hello' toy collection based on the original Baby Sensory® ‘Say Hello to the Sun’, song which has an immediate calming effect on babies. The ‘Say Hello’ range was designed and developed by Dr Lin Day, founder of Baby Sensory® in partnership with East Coast Nursery to stimulate the sensory systems of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste, and to encourage healthy physical, intellectual and social-emotional development in babies.

Each ‘Say Hello’ toy has been designed to promote your baby’s knowledge and skills and to provide endless hours of fun play and entertainment.

Multi-sensory features, bright colours, interesting textures, and captivating sounds encourage early exploration, curiosity, imagination, creativity, and wonder and discovery of the world.

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Signbook App

Babies develop hand-eye coordination long before they can talk. This is because the motor areas of the brain develop faster than the speech centres. Signing strengthens the motor pathways, which ultimately increases brain power. Signing also enhances visual development and social skills. Best of all, it encourages communication and fun interactions between the parent and the baby, which increases the bond between them.

The Baby Sensory® Signbook app demonstrates over 150 signs and will help to reinforce the signs introduced during the Baby Sensory classes to aid essential repetitious learning. We know babies love expressive speech and movement and enjoy imitating actions exposed to them, so not only will they be able to enjoy this fun interaction within the class, but it can be enhanced by parent use in between the weekly classes.

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'Say Hello to the Sun' Children's Book


We are incredibly excited to announce that the ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ children’s book is now out and available to purchase exclusively through our Baby Sensory® Shop and all book stores.

Based on the family-friendly Baby Sensory® song, this reassuring story takes readers through sunshine, rain, flowering meadows, daytime and night-time, providing a perfectly calming read for parents and babies to share.

Not only does it have stunning illustrations it also has a specific section on ‘how to use’ the book from cuddling up with your baby, talking about the signs, pictures, elements, and colours.

Take a visit to our Baby Sensory® shop here to grab a copy.