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Our fun-filled sessions are full of activities specifically designed to: support your babies’ brain development; allow them to explore with all their senses; promote bonding and; give you ideas of activities to enjoy with baby at home.

With over 60 amazing lesson plans written by our founder Dr. Lin Day, whether you’re a brand new customer or a seasoned Baby Sensory Pro, each and every week will have brand new experiences for you and your baby. 

Missed a space in venue? Or not yet ready or able to get out and about?

Don't worry - our Live, Interactive & Engaging online classes let you experience the magic of our award-winning sessions from the safety of your own home!

  • Set routine and structure, ideal for a smooth transition back to in-person sessions once you are ready. 
  • Small group play breaks during classes so you can still meet new people and make friends whilst staying home.
  • Lots of ideas to stimulate play at home.
  • Exclusive membership to Play @ Home ideas and expert advice from our founder Dr. Lin Day via our closed Facebook Group. 
  • Sessions recordings accessible for 1 week after each class so you can catch up if you miss a week, or enjoy the session again and again!
  • Prop bundles available to purchase to use alongside your @ Home sessions. You can find the details HERE

To book an @Home space, or to register on a waiting list for in-venue updates, head to our Timetable now!

General Information & FAQs

What can I expect from a Baby Sensory Class?

Each session has been specifically designed by Baby Sensory Founder, and Child-Development Specialist, Dr Lin Day to stimulate your baby’s senses and support their brain growth and development during their first year of life.

Our multi-award winning classes will introduce you and your baby to a world of sensory delights, where you can relax, spend quality time with each other and enjoy meeting other new parents.

The classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, singing and more.

Venue-based classes last 50 minutes, with a 10 minute social break to allow babies to rest and recharge between adult-led activities, and give parents/carers a chance to chat and make friends. 

Online sessions last 1 hour, with a 10-20 minute break to avoid babies becoming over-stimulated, and to give us a chance to chat, share ideas, or take some time away from the screens. 

How do I access the online classes?

Sessions are delivered using a video conferencing platform called Zoom and joining a class couldn't be simpler – I will send you a unique link to click for each session, through which you will access the virtual classroom. You don't need to have an account, but you will be prompted to download the software. There are also free Apps available for IOs and Android to make it even more intuitive. You will also be sent a copy of our Use of Zoom Parent Guide. You can access the classes via a computer/laptop, phone/tablet and even through your TV. Some smart TVs allow you to follow the link straight to Zoom, or you can connect via an HDMI cable, or use a screen mirroring app.

How are the sessions structured?

Both our venue-based and online classes follow the same routine: We begin with welcome and an introduction to the session, followed by our signature welcome song, Say Hello to the Sun and 3-4 activities.

In both our venue-based and online classes we then have our play break, as it is an important part of babies' Play-Rest-Play cycle, and helps to ensure they are able to maintain focus and avoid over-stimulation. It is also a great opportunity for parents/carers to chat and socialise – both online and in person! You may like to bring a toy from home to help entertain baby during the break, or they may like to cuddle/feed or have a change.

After the break we'll have a further 3 activities, and end with our beautiful Wave Goodbye song.

My baby is 6 months - which class should I book?

The age brackets for our classes are just rough guidance - the activities for both sessions are usually exactly the same, so the split is more about separating tiny newborns and more mobile babies for those that prefer to mix with other babies a similar age. The 0-6 class is perfectly suitable up to 7 months and is mainly for pre-crawlers, and the 6-13 is absolutely fine for little ones from 5m up. Each venue also has a mixed age group class available for if you have friends with babies at different stages. 

What will I need to take part?

In venue: All props and equipment are provided for the activities. Each baby has their own basket of props, which will have been cleaned prior to the class commencing. For the time-being we are not able to provide fleeces for babies to sit/lie on - so you might like to bring your own baby blanket or muslin for baby to lie on during the session. 

Online: Each week in advance of the session I send out a list of props and items for you to gather to use to support your baby’s learning throughout the activity. This ensures that the sessions remain fully multi-sensory, and it also gives you an opportunity to explore a variety of home-made toy ideas with your little one as well. They can all be made/put together using items you are likely to have at home, and I always aim to give several various ideas to make sure you can find something that will work well. If you struggle to gather certain items, I will also always ensure the activities look visually captivating on screen as well, so that you and baby can cuddle up and enjoy the visual display and the varied soundtrack. There will also be lots of activities that require nothing but you and your little one to take part.

Can my older children join in?

In venue: Regrettably we are unable to accommodate siblings under 5 years of age due to insurance purposes. If you have older children aged 5 or over out of school for non-illness related purposes only then they can attend alongside you, provided they remain seated with you on your designated mats at ALL times during the session. If they are unable to remain seated with you then I will regrettably have to ask you to leave, and catch up your session online. Please note only siblings over 11 years are required to wear masks alongside the adults.  

Online: If you have older children with you at home as well, then please rest assured they are very welcome to join in the sessions too – most of the activities are very popular with toddlers, pre-schoolers and even older children, and I will often share tips on how to adapt it for different aged siblings to get the most out of it as well. Many of our big brothers and sisters have loved joining in with their own doll or teddy, acting out the activities with them, which has been wonderful to see.

I want to attend online but I'm worried about screen time - what can I do?

One understandable concern some of our current families have had is around the use of a screen for babies, so I’d like to reassure you that the sessions are not just about babies watching the screen - just like in our physical classes, my role as class leader is to facilitate meaningful interactions between you and your baby, through the use of age appropriate activities and games, specifically designed to support their development in a variety of ways. So the majority of the sessions will consist of me outlining an activity for you to complete with your baby, which I'll support with music, visuals, and tips, as well as giving you invaluable developmental information about how we are supporting our babies with each activity.

Since we target all the senses in our sessions, there are of course some activities that are visual in their nature, so for those particular activities I will be directing you to position babies to face the screen so they can watch the colour and the movement of, for example, a puppet show, a billowing parachute with balloons, or a cascade of bubbles. However, if you prefer baby not to look at the screen at all, I will always include ideas of how to recreate the activities at home to play along with baby. In the sessions I have conducted so far, the feedback has been amazing - with most babies fully interacting with Mum or Dad during the activities and being captivated by the visual displays on screen as well. 

Got a question that isn’t covered here? Just get in touch. You can also find more useful information below…  

On-Line Booking Options:

Payment is due at the time of booking by credit or debit card. If a class is full please take a look at other available classes that may suit you and your baby, or you may register on our waitlist and I will contact you if a space becomes available due to a cancellation. Classes are booked and paid for in advance of the classes. You can join at any time providing there is space. View our class times and book your space via our Timetable

Twins & Multiples:

In venue: There is a 50% discount on the second booking but only if 1 parent is attending with 2 babies. Please enter the discount code TWINS-VENUE in the discount code box when making your booking.  If you require a second adult to attend, then individual mats will need to be booked for each child due to class number restrictions. When a booking is made for twins, the mats will be placed together as a bubble. 

Online: The charge is per screen/household, just enter the code TWINS-ONLINE in the discount code box when making your booking. 

Please contact me if you have triplets (or more!) as I will need to process your booking manually.

Gift vouchers:

Vouchers are available in various values, and can be exchanged for venue-based classes, online classes and developmental toys and props from my sensory shop. Ideal for baby shower or new baby gifts! Please get in touch for more info.


Looking for a fun and unique 1st birthday party activity? I have a number of party packages available, so do get in touch if you would like further information. Is your little one’s celebration being cancelled due to social distancing restrictions? I am also excited to be able to offer virtual parties at this time as well! Do get in touch for details.

Social Media:

Please like and follow our Facebook and Instagram page for class and booking information, photos of sessions, tips and ideas for baby, competitions, and more! 


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Please ensure you have read our new Terms & Conditions and Local Covid Policy prior to booking your space. 

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