Baby Sensory and Hello Baby Massage Nuneaton

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Judy Marshall

I am a busy Mum to three young children and fell in love with Baby Sensory way back in 2014 when I first took my son to classes. He loved the classes and was engaged from the minute the welcome song 'Say Hello..' began to play. I loved the Exploratory Play Area aspect of the class as this then gave me the opportunity to have a chat with other parents and make some lovely new friends. In the early days with a newborn just another adult to talk to was very much appreciated. I loved hearing all the developmental information too as having a Psychology degree this really interested me! When my daughter was born in 2015 I booked right away to go back and she loved it just as much! With a toddler at home too this hour together just the two of us was so precious. I was previously a Primary School Teacher for nearly 10 years but having two little ones prompted my career change, whilst I loved teaching I felt I couldn't have the work life balance that my family and I needed so when the opportunity came up to run Nuneaton Baby Sensory I grabbed it! I then took maternity leave and enjoyed bringing my youngest to classes in 2018. I am now back leading classes and I am so excited and proud to be delivering this wonderful development programme and continue looking forward to meeting all the parents and babies who want to join the fun!