Baby Sensory and Hello Baby Massage Nuneaton

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Spring Term Booking

Priority Booking opens on Monday 26th February at 6pm for the Spring Term. Booking for the waitist opens on Friday 1st March at 6pm. Booking opens for new families on Monday 4th March at 6pm.

Wait List

Demand for classes is very high. If a class says 'Wait List' then it means the class has already become fully booked. Please try and choose another class with remaining spaces. 

Terms and Trial Sessions

3 week trials for £24 can be booked on classes with available spaces. The reason we believe a 3 week trial is a great option is because it gives you and your little one enough time to settle into the classes and experience a wide range of activities that we offer. 

Please message us for availability for trials. We offer 3 week trials for £24 when spaces allow.

Why do we offer 3 week trials?

3 week trials allow babies and their grown ups to really settle into classes and see a wide range of what we offer. We know babies love routine and this gives our little ones a chance to settle into that routine.



Baby Sensory is 8 weeks for £60

Hello Baby 5 week term is £40.