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👶🏻What is Baby Sensory and why do over 30,000 babies a week come to our classes in the UK?


⭐️We’re a learning and development programme specifically designed to be suitable from birth, taking your babies on a magical journey each week until they reach 13 months of age. From puppet shows and musical instruments, to baby signing, massage, singing and dancing...we offer an incredibly diverse range of activities which differ each week over the entire year!!

👶🏻What happens at Baby Sensory?


⭐️Baby Sensory is an hour long session. You’ll experience 20 minutes of Sensory activities, visiting underwater worlds, lying beneath jungle vines, having a teddy bears picnic or zooming through’ll also enjoy a vital 15-20 minute play-break in our exploratory play area followed by a further 20 minutes of Sensory activities...this is to coincide with your baby's play-rest play-rest routine. It also offers a great opportunity to chat with other mums and dads. 


🦠  COVID update; classes will run for 45 minutes to allow for a thorough clean between each class. There will be no Exploratory Play Area for the time being so please feel free to bring a couple of toys along for your baby as we still follow the play-rest-play cycle with a short 10 minute break part way through. This is important as babies tend to need a change of scenery after about 20-25 minutes so in providing this ‘break’ they can then get the most out of class.

Our classes are run by Beth who is professionally trained to deliver engaging, exciting classes for you and your baby between 0-13 months.


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