Baby Sensory South Lakes




Baby Sensory is a learning and development class designed for babies from birth-13 months. The format of classes follows baby’s natural play, rest, play cycle.


We have instruments, baby signing, massage and exercise, sleep techniques, social playtime, action rhymes and songs.

Each session is filled with wonderful sensory experiences for the babies and adults to enjoy! From fibre optic lights shows to glow balls, bubbles, bells, rainbows, tickly feathers, puppets, silky scarves and water play; the possibilities for learning are endless!


Each activity we do aims to enhance and accelerate learning and development in some way. We provide information for each activity giving you the understanding of how it will help your baby mentally and physically. 


There is also an exploratory playtime which is the perfect opportunity for parents to chat and meet others. With over 60 different sessions, the year long programme will fill you with ideas for play at home and enhance your precious time with your baby in their first year.