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Thank you for your interest in classes! Here is a little bit about what we offer...


Baby Sensory - suitable for babies 0-13 months


Baby Sensory is a learning and development programme specifically designed to be suitable from birth, taking you and your babies on a magical journey each week until they reach 13 months of age.


From puppet shows and musical instruments, to baby signing, massage, singing and dancing... we offer an incredibly diverse range of activities which differ each week and are researched and selected to give your baby the best possible start in that first crucial year. 


Classes not only provide babies with the opportunity to enhance their learning and development but there is also the social aspect available to you. Those first weeks and months can be difficult to navigate at times yet are filled with joy, love and milestones. At Baby Sensory you are surrounded by others experiencing the same, offering a ready made support network


Hello Baby Massage - suitable for babies 0-3 months


Hello Baby is a product of Baby Sensory. It is a five week programme including elements of reflexology, yoga and massage.

Each session lasts one hour and we cover a different body part each week.

There is also an observation element to Hello Baby, where we discuss sensitivity and behavioural cues given by your baby and how you can best meet their needs in those first few weeks. 


There are so many benefits to this course, enabling you to understand what your baby is saying so you can adapt care giving responses to meet their needs, support your parent-baby bond through sensory integration techniques and positive touch experiences. Learn new strategies that can help calm and relax your baby, whilst promoting sleep and enhancing brain growth


I look forward to seeing you in class!



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