Baby Sensory Horsham Region


Jacqui Walton

Hello, My name's Jacqui, I first started leading Baby Sensory classes in 2011, I absolutely love leading the classes and get so much enjoyment from seeing the babies have so much fun and helping the parents to make the most of their precious first year with their baby. I would like to encourage you attend the classes as soon as you are ready to get out and about! With my first daughter I attended the classes when she was 4 months old, as a first time mum I didn't realise just how beneficial classes were from birth and I was surprised to see so many younger babies attending, I wished I had started classes earlier. Not only did I make some amazing friends through but I became so much more confident as a mum. So with my 2nd daughter I was eager to get her started straight away - she was just 3 days old for her first class. It was amazing to see how she responded to the activities even in the first few weeks and by the time she was 6 weeks old she was so interactive, alert and strong. I truely appreciated with my 2nd baby the quality 1-2-1 time, as well as the huge variety of sessions throughout the full baby sensory programme. I aim to bring energy and enthusiasm to every class so that everyone has a great time and I look forward to meeting you and your baby and welcoming you to class.