Baby Sensory Horsham Region


Frequently Asked Questions – Baby Sensory Horsham Region

** Please note this is a working document. We are closely following all government guidance and will update this document in line with the most recent guidance. This is up to date as 19th October  2021 **

Will classes be the same as pre Covid times?

Due to the current restrictions we have had to make some changes to our classes. There will now be just one large sensory area with mats spaced out to allow for social distancing. Class sizes are reduced to allow for this.

The class will be 50 minutes long and will still be in 3 parts, starting with our Hello song, then sensory activities, followed by a short break from structured activities where you remain on your mats but can chat to other adults whilst babies rest, feed or play with the lovely equipment provided. We will then finish with another section of sensory activities and our wave goodbye song. As always classes will have a huge amount of variety , different every week and some wonderful themed sessions too!  

How will we keep the equipment clean?

Each person will have a selection of equipment provided, available for use for the duration of the class, this will include what you need for the activities. The equipment will have been sanitised before the session and only you will use it during the session. At the end of the session we will sanitise all equipment and leave it to air dry before it is used again. For any group activities we will ask you to sanitise your hands before use of the equipment. The mats are all cleaned between session and we also use tarpaulins on the floor so the whole sensory area is lovely and clean.

Will we have to wear a face covering?

At this time, we encourage face coverings to be worn in indoor spaces  for all adults (unless you are exempt) for entry/exit and whilst moving around the building. At this time due to the nature of our activities whilst seated and interacting with your baby you can remove your mask if you wish. 

Babies and children WILL NOT be asked to wear face coverings.

Will we have to maintain social distancing?

We do need to ask you to maintain social distancing before, during & after the sessions where possible.

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start time of your class,  and  leave swiftly when the class ends (this is to allow time for cleaning,  set up and  to avoid cross over from one class leaving and another class arriving)

If others arrive at the same time please form a queue outside maintaining social distancing so that you can all enter safely one at a time.

Sensory mats will be spaced out to enable  social distance. 

We do understand that mobile babies will want to explore,  If they do move away from you we ask that you bring them back to your mat as quickly as possible and engage them with the activity or the lovely equipment provided.

What happens when I arrive and what can I bring with me?

  • On arrival we will register your attendance and direct you to a position in the sensory area. Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use on arrival ( this is for adult use only.) 

  • You will need to remove your shoes before entering the Sensory area. (Please make sure you bring/wear socks

  • We recommend bringing a soft blanket for babies for them go sit/lay on for their additional comfort.

  • We also encourage you to bring your own hand sanitiser for regular sanitising of hands whilst seated.

  •  Please only bring essential items with you to the class. if possible please do not bring buggies/car seats into the venue. Please remember your face mask

Can we use the toilet?

If you need to use the toilet of course you can go, please maintain social distance on your way there and back. 1 person at a time. Cleaning materials will be available and we ask that you wipe down any touch points after use and discard the wipes in the bins provided.

Nappy changing :  Please bring your own changing mat/nappies/ wipes/sanitiser etc plus nappy bags so you can take all waste home with you safely.


Can I bring siblings/ extra people with me?

We are currently only able to accommodate one adult per child. However if pre arrranged for one off session, please do contact us to ask if it is possible. Please contact us of for any twin bookings. 

We are unable to have older siblings attending class.

What happens if we go into a local or national lockdown or are unable to run a venue based class?

If we are unable to run the venue-based classes for circumstances out of our control we will run your affected sessions online via zoom. We are unable to offer a refund as the online session will be in place of the venue-based class.

What if I have any symptoms of Covid 19 or someone I live with is showing symptoms?

Please DO NOT attend the class if you or someone you live are isolating due to showing symptoms or has tested positive for Covid 19. Please follow all government guidance for self-isolating even if you don't have symptoms.

If you or your baby are not well, even if you have a negative result from a Covid test please do not attend class. You can gift the session to a friend if you aren't  able to attend but  you must let me know in advance as I will need full details for the purpose of track and trace. 

What else do I need to know?

By attending the class, you give us permission to pass your details to NHS track and trace if necessary. Please make sure your mobile number is up to date on our system.


- Once you have booked if any of this information changes, we will update you accordingly.

I look forward to welcoming you to class!

All of the above information and measures are in place for everyone's safety so we can all have fun together and enjoy Baby Sensory.