Baby Sensory Hereford

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Annabelle Palethorpe

Hello I’m Annabelle, the proud owner and class leader of Baby Sensory Hereford. Having attended classes with my 3 little ones, I know first-hand just how important the Baby Sensory journey is in that all important first year of your baby’s life. I heard ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ for the first time back in 2017 with my daughter Florence and straight away we were hooked. 4 years on and she still knows all the words and signs. Since then, I attended with my son Aubrey in 2019 in class and then via Zoom when the world went online. And finally with my newest addition Martha in 2021. With 3 very young children I wanted a job that allowed me the flexibility to have that all important work life balance, so when the opportunity to purchase the Baby Sensory Hereford business came along I knew it was something I had to pursue. I absolutely love meeting people and my role as a class leader allows me to spend my days entertaining babies and supporting mothers. It is a dream and a pleasure to be part of a baby’s learning and development journey and I can’t wait to welcome you to my classes and be part of your journey.