Baby Sensory Epsom


Cindy' and Zoe run Baby Sensory classes run in and around Surrey. The Award Winning Baby Development classes are held weekly in Epsom & Stoneleigh! 

These locations are easily accessible for parents living in the local communities including; Ewell, Ewell West, Chessington, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Cobham, Bookham, and surrounding areas. 

If you are looking for an exciting activity which will be fun for you and will help with your baby’s sensory development, call Cindy, who will arrange for you and your baby to visit one of their classes. 07527131090

 Parking information for all venues

·        Epsom- no parking onsite but there are pay & display spaces around the local roads. 

·        Stoneleigh– no parking onsite but there is free parking on the Broadway



What happens in a Baby Sensory session?

Classes are 45 minutes long and consist of 3 distinct sessions, sensory, play break & sensory. This works in line with your baby's play-rest-play cycle. 

Each session is different, sometimes taking you on an adventure through jungles, winter wonderlands, seasons. Sometimes we explore ideas for play at home & sometimes we have seasonal themes. 

We cover all areas of your baby’s development so some of our classes have big props and WOW moments and in other classes we take things back to basics and explore our relationship with our children, traditional nursery rhymes and bonding activities to try at home.

How much do the classes cost? Can I pay ad hoc?

Classes are booked in termly blocks, and are pro-rated depending on the week you start. The sessions are £9 per session as a termly block booking.

Is my baby too young? What age can we start attending?

Baby Sensory classes are suitable from birth. All babies can benefit from early sensory stimulation and each activity has been researched and developed to be appropriate for newborns through to 13 months.

Do I need to bring anything to the sessions?

You don’t need to bring anything specific to the sessions except socks and possibly a blanket. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our classes might look a little different.  We provide all the props and equipment and these are cleaned between sessions. 

What if I can’t make a session?

As per our terms and conditions, credits cannot be made for missed sessions. If you know in advance you are unable to attend a session, I can offer you alternative sessions through the week where there might be space.  You are also able to send a friend in your space - details will need to be given to your class leader for track and trace. 

Do you offer trials?

I am not currently offering trials.

Can I bring my older child?

Unfortunately, due to health and safety and our insurance. Siblings aged 14 months to 5 years are unable to attend Baby Sensory sessions.

What if my baby sleeps?

When your baby sleeps, they still take on around 40% of their surroundings. They can still hear the music, feel the textures and enjoy the smells around them. So even if you baby is asleep they are still benefiting from our Baby Sensory sessions.

I have twins, can I still attend?

Twins are more than welcome to attend our Baby Sensory sessions. We offer a 50% discount on the second child. You are also welcome to bring an additional adult to help you, if you need it. However is it not possible for our class leaders to be the extra adult during the session. Due to limited numbers, if you are bringing another adult with your children they will need to pay for a full extra space. If you are bringing the children with one adult there is a 50% discount for the second child. 

My baby has started crawling/walking, can we still benefit from the sessions?

We have lots of mobile babies in our Baby Sensory classes. We do not ask your babies to sit still during the session and so yes, you can still benefit from the session even if your baby is moving.

Can I bring someone with me to the class?

Where possible we are asking for 1 parent per booking to come along. We are able to accommodate guest/visitors as one offs, you would need to share one mat due to limited space.