Baby Sensory East Lothian

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💚   About Baby Sensory 
If you would like an overview of our classes, kindly visit the homepage by clicking here 

👶   Age Group 
Baby Sensory classes are specifically designed for new born babies up to 13 months. 

⭐   Themes and Activities 
Our 60 themes throughout the year will provide new and exciting experiences to wow your babies. Whether it is learning to kick their little legs to swim during Baby Olympics week or discovering new animals during Jungle Jitters week, there will always be something new for your baby to experience and learn from.

🕒   Class Structure 
Our classes follow your baby’s natural play-rest-play routine. You and your baby/babies will have around 25 minutes of sensory activities followed by a 20 minute rest break to enjoy some free play and socialise with likeminded families and babies of a similar age and stage, before coming back together for a final 15 minutes of sensory activities.

😊   Added Value
As well as supporting your baby’s early development, Baby Sensory classes provide you both the wonderful opportunity to bond whilst picking up lots of lovely ideas for creative play that you can easily replicate at home. Each weeks class provides 9 sensory activities, that is enough to keep your baby busy and learning all week before you visit class again. Classes also provide the opportunity to socialise and share experiences and milestones with others at class.



Is my baby too young for Baby Sensory?

Our programme is specifically designed for new born babies up to 13 months. Your baby's brain doubles in size in their first year of life so there is no time too soon to start Baby Sensory, so long as you feel ready. 


What is the difference between the mixed age class and split age class?

Your baby will experience very similar sensory activities across all classes. Some activities may vary to suite your baby's age and stage. If you choose to join a split age class, your baby will be surrounded by others of a similar age and stage. As a parent / guarding, you will have the opportunity to discuss milestones, concerns, ideas and more with families who are going through a similar stage. 


Can I bring my partner / parent / friend?

You would be welcome to bring an extra adult. If our classes are full, we may just kindly ask for one adult to sit beside the sensory area. 


What if I can't attend class one week?

If you cannot attend one week, you would be welcome to send a friend or family member in your place. I just kindly ask you or them to send an email to Lauren at eastlothian@babysensory.co.uk with their name, baby's name and contact number. Please click here to see our T&C for information regarding refunds. 


Priority booking, am I guaranteed a space on my current class?

We really appreciate every one of our families attending Baby Sensory and families who join our waitlist, therefore always offer 24 hours of priority booking.You can book any venue, day and time you wish when priority booking opens. We would kindly advise booking at your earliest convenience when priority booking opens as your place is not absolutely guaranteed due to babies moving up from 0-8 months classes to 4-13 or 0-13.


My baby is over 13 months?

If your baby turns 13 months during a term, this is not a problem at all. If your baby is over 13 months before the start of a new term, click here to visit our fantastic sister programme, Toddler Sense for ages 13 months - 4 years. 


Can I bring my baby's sibling to class?

You may bring a sibling to class if they are 6 years or over. Due to insurance and the safety of babies in class, we are unable to accommodate children under 6 years old.