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All classes last 45minutes with a short break in the middle. 

You can join us at any time (pending availability) and your fee reflects the number of weeks remaining in the term. Please note, if a class is marked as 'wait list', please try to book onto another class to avoid disappointment. You can move across to your preferred time when a space becomes available.



Celebrate in style with a Baby Sensory Party! We also provide amazing, fun filled parties for your baby's 1st birthday, naming ceremony or Christening. Also, fun sessions for school fairs, weddings and nurseries.

Lots of exciting activities designed especially for little ones.

For party booking enquiries please click on 'enquiries' and complete your details

Limited weekend availability so please secure your date early!


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FAQ's about Baby Sensory:

Is my baby too young?
It is never too early to introduce your little ones to a variety of sensory experiences.
Babies have begun learning from inside the womb already and as they come into this world they hit the ground running!
A newborn’s brain contains more than 100 billion brain cells (neurons). Some of these neurons were wired in the prenatal period for specific functions such as breathing and heartbeat. However, the majority of synaptic connections for vision, language, hearing, smell, taste, movement and learning will be formed in the first three months of life.
Stimulation from birth increases neural growth and whilst we certainly do this in our classes, it is also important to mention that touching, talking, singing, reading, smiling, signing and playing with babies from birth, nourishes the brain and develops potential for a lifetime.
Our classes provide a rich environment full of interesting sights, sounds, smells, taste, colours, textures and language, which builds a foundation that will make all subsequent learning easier.

(Reference: Dr. Lin Day. Baby Sensory)


If you're unsure about booking please take a look at a few of these fab reviews - visit 'Baby Sensory Crawley Region' on Facebook to see many more!

"Baby Sensory is excellent! And we love Jo who runs the Crawley one. We have been coming since my son was 9 days old and have loved every minute! I have also just booked a baby sensory birthday party with Jo for his first birthday -can't recommend highly enough. Been to lots of other classes but this is the only one where I have bothered to book every week. It's really fun and interactive. Each week has has a different theme and there is a bit of everything (songs, dancing, baby signing, baby massage, puppet shows, and of course LOADS of sensory stuff like lights and sounds etc ) but not too repetitive. The class runs smoothly and is well organised with no awkward hanging around. There is a short free-play time in the middle which is good for meeting other parents (and trying out lots of toys before buying them!) Overall a very well executed class and if I am fortunate enough to be blessed with more children I will definitely be coming back again!"


"I can't recommend this class with Jo enough. My daughter and I have had such a lovely experience attending these classes. The activities are brilliant and have also given me ideas for things to do at home. The effort and enthusiasm that Jo gives at every class is amazing! Jo has certainly given my daughter and I some lovely memories!"


"We LOVE baby sensory. Jo delivers every class with energy and enthusiasm. There's something extraordinarily exciting every week and my little one is just thriving as a result of the fun filled sessions - I'd recommend baby sensory to everyone!"