Baby Sensory Stamford & District

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Hello, my name is Lauren! I have two small children, two fantastic boys Calvin and Carter, and they are my inspiration for becoming a part of this fantastic journey. My background is within the Arts, singing acting and dance so being a part of baby sensory is brilliant for that to use those skills. Baby Sensory is important to me as although I get to experience new milestones and challenges with babies and their loved ones, I also get to use the knowledge and ideas with my own children, and baby sensory does just that. Baby sensory has fantastic activities planned for you and your baby to enjoy that all stimulate senses, movements and development and to be a part of that is truly an honour, having children myself I know the all importance in wanting the best for your child and baby sensory truly is amazing to create those beautiful memories in that first year of their life, and giving them the opportunities to excel in the future. I really look forward to seeing you all in class 😊