Baby Sensory Clapham

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Sonia & Alex

We both attended Baby Sensory with our own children and are only too aware of how precious the early years are, but how quickly it is over. We know that the first time our own babies recognised ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ was really special and seeing them get excited as we approached the classes - it’s a lovely memory. Every week with Baby Sensory is different. We will take your baby on a sensory journey with bubbles and bells and lights and puppets. We sing, we dance, we learn baby massage, baby signing and baby whispering. We explore under the sea, trek into the deepest rainforests, jet into space and even turn into Super Heroes and save the planet! All great fun for the babies ….. and grown ups too! The classes have a very relaxed atmosphere and are a chance to make new, local friends who have babies at about the same stage as your own. We both love working with young children and seeing them develop, is so rewarding. We can’t wait to welcome you and your baby into our group and start the wonderful Baby Sensory journey together. Alex and Sonia xxx