Baby Sensory Clapham

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Monday 11th November @ Balham Southside Scout Centre - 14.10

Thursday  14th November @ Clapham Methodist Church - 14.10

Book your space via the website or email


Winter Term

We will have lots of new and exciting activities this Winter Term including; French week (dress up optional), Space Adventure - zooming babies into outer space, Magic Garden and Christmas fun through to Baby Valentine. We will have lots of ideas to intrigue and entertain your baby, enhancing their learning and development as well as having lots of fun!  


Christmas Party - Saturday 7th December @ Balham Scout Centre


09.45-10.45 (Birth to 13 months)

11.15-12.15 (Birth to 13 months)

12.45-13.45 (Birth to 13 months)

14.15-15.15 (Birth to 13 months)


Tickets cost £17.50 per baby (plus 2 adults) and will include an amazing Christmas session with light refreshments (for adults) and a gift for babies.


We do offer a Twin Discount - please do get in touch with us directly to book your places. The discount offer is 50% off the second baby when booking a full term.