Baby Sensory Chichester

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Nicola Ball

Hi, I’m Nicola and I’m the very proud owner of Baby Sensory Chichester, Havant and Petersfield! I’m also mum to two gorgeous children aged 17 and 15. When my children were younger, I spent 3 years training as an NCT Postnatal Leader. It was through my NCT role that I first observed a Baby Sensory class nearly 9 years ago, and it totally blew me away - I knew from that moment, that this was something that I wanted to be part of! Baby Sensory is a totally unique baby development programme, which includes literally hundreds of sensory development activities for you and your baby to share and enjoy in their very precious first year. Babies absorb so much, and it is wonderful to have sessions that stimulate and develop in such a fun way. Every week is different, offering a whole variety of imaginative and enchanting sensory activities. So many families say that our lively and upbeat classes are a real highlight in their week, as they are mine! It makes me so happy to see parents sharing such special times with their babies, and I am thrilled to be running such captivating and brilliantly designed classes.