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Rosie Moore

Hi, I'm Rosie. I took my daughter, Millie, to Baby Sensory when she was 10 weeks old and I loved it! I heard about it through word of mouth and decided to go along, not knowing what it really was about. It was magical and amazing! I had lots of fun with Millie at the sessions, met other parents, nannies and grandparents that I could chat to, and I learnt so much about baby development and how to continue the magical bonding experiences with my baby, when at home. At my first session, because I had no idea what Baby Sensory was all about, within minutes I was so amazed at the magicalness of what was happening, whether it was hormone related and lack of sleep, or pure Wowness, I could feel my eyes filling up as the experience I was having with Millie was amazing! I remember there being a puppet show that week, some lovely lighting and calming and fun music. Other weeks there were balloons and bubbles. I remember buying a bubble machine so that Millie could have fun at bath time. I have been reading to Millie ever since she was a baby because I remember being told at the Baby Sensory classes that its never too early to read to your baby. Millie's language skills are amazing and I'm certain that Baby Sensory has helped with that. Millie graduated from Baby Sensory at around 13 months old and moved onto her next magical adventure that was Toddler Sense. I had an opportunity to run Baby Sensory Classes when Millie was 1 year old, but it wasn't the right time for me. 4 years later, Millie was about to start school and I was wondering what I could do if I returned to work. Out of nowhere, on a day when I was feeling overwhelmed about what I should do about returning to work, an email arrived about running my own business with Baby Sensory, and I didn't hesitate to say that I was interested......and here I am! It's like it's meant to be! I am excited to show you what Baby Sensory is all about and to create magical memories with you and your baby that will last forever!