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 What happens in a class?

Baby sensory classes are 1 hour long. We always start with a magical ‘Say Hello to the sun’ sing and sign song.

This is followed by around 20 minutes of magical sensory activities. All props are provided. Each carefully structured activity will also include some fantastic information about baby development.

Every week there is a different theme, so no week is ever the same at Baby Sensory.

Then, we have a short break of around 15 minutes in the exploratory play area. This gives your baby the opportunity to explore freely, and you the opportunity to chat with other parents and carers, and enjoy some special free time with your baby.

Finally, we return for some more magical sensory activities before finishing with our beautiful and calming Baby Sensory ‘Say Goodbye’ song.

What if?

What if your baby cries? Needs feeding? Needs a nappy change?
Whatever your baby’s needs are, I want you to feel comfortable in tending to them. Baby Sensory is 100% baby led. Babies cry. Babies get hungry. Babies do poos. We’ve all been there and every single person who attends Baby Sensory will understand.

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