Baby Sensory Coulsdon, Caterham & Reigate



Here's a little bit about me... During my 20's I taught Drama to children aged between 5-14 years old at a Summer Camp in Main, USA and until recently, I volunteered at a local children's charity which brought siblings, separated by the care system, together on a regular basis. Having worked in the City for the past Fifteen years, I knew that I wanted to completely embrace maternity leave with my first child (Charlie), born in June 2016. Along with the lovely friends I have made through the NCT, we spent our new found roles as Mummy's exploring our local neighbourhood, checking out the local coffee (and cake!) establishments and looking for new classes and activities to take our little ones. Before I really knew what Baby Sensory was, I was already sold because of lots of recommendations from friends, family and colleagues so before Charlie was even 1 month old we were on the waiting list for the following term of our local class. And it definitely didn't disappoint; From our very first 'Say Hello', myself (and Charlie of course) were hooked! Watching his eyes light up and the excitement on his face during all the fun activities was the highlight of my week. Baby Sensory is totally unique, no class is the same and there is a huge range of equipment used specifically to help babies develop through sensory stimulation. The classes have also influenced how I play and interact with him at home by helping me understand not only what our babies enjoy but also what they gain from the various activities we do. Experiencing the impact these classes had first hand encouraged me to take the leap from the suit wearing, City Life and join the Baby Sensory team. I am extremely proud to run these lovely classes in the Coulsdon, Caterham and Reigate area and spend my time supporting Mums and Dads in this very precious, irreplaceable, 1st year of learning and development with their babies. I look forward to welcoming you and your baby to my classes!