Heather Trojan

Hello, I’m Heather and am the proud owner of Baby Sensory North West Belfast. I have first-hand experience of how beneficial classes are, having attended Baby Sensory with both my little girls, Violet and Rosa. The classes really helped me to bond with my girls and gave so many ideas that I could adapt for use at home. The themed sessions were so much fun that I always walked away from class with a smile and spring in my step. Baby Sensory was also the only class that offered the opportunity during exploratory play to chat with other parents, I was very lucky to make friends with other mums who live very close to me and had a baby of the same age. Baby Sensory gave me a lifeline as a new mum, and I’m delighted to now have the opportunity as a Class Leader to use my experience to help you learn different ways to interact with your baby and create deep, long lasting bonds. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your little one and can’t wait to start the sensory experience together. It is such a pleasure to watch your little ones picks up sign language, clap for the first time, dance along to our songs or reach any other developmental milestone during classes.