💚  About Baby Sensory 
Baby Sensory is a unique learning and development programme designed by our amazing founder, Dr Lin Day. All activities are backed up by many years of careful research and will help you to support your baby’s development in their all-important first year of life. 

👶   Age Group 
Baby Sensory classes are suitable for babies aged 0–13 months. If your baby turns 13 months during a term and will be over 13 months by the end of the term, don’t worry, we will absolutely be able to accommodate you.

⭐  Themes and Activities 
Our 60 themes throughout the year will provide new and exciting experiences to wow your babies. Whether it is learning to kick their little legs to swim during Baby Olympics week or discovering new animals during Jungle Jitters week, there will always be something new to experience and learn from.

🕒  Class Structure 
Our classes follow your baby’s natural play-rest-play routine. We will have around 25 minutes of activities followed by a 15/20 minute rest break before coming back together for a final 15 minutes of activities.

😊  Added Value
As well as supporting your baby’s early development, Baby Sensory classes provide you with the wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby whilst picking up lots of lovely ideas for creative play that you can easily replicate at home. It also provides the opportunity to socialise and share experiences with others at class.