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Welcome to Loretta's Baby Sensory Classes

Thank you for visiting my page, I am delighted you are looking to book a class with Baby Sensory Barnsley! 

Baby Sensory@home

We are waiting to welcome you to our magical world of sensory learning, wonder, exploration and extraordinary delights.

Created by experts, our classes are specifically designed from birth, to aid your child's development, the classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, singing and more.

I will be running Baby Sensory @home on a Tuesday at 11.00am and 2.00pm you will also be sent a recording for those that cannot make online.  The classes will cost £16 for 4 sessions or recordings.  


The 4 weeks of classes will be live, interactive Zoom sessions which I am confident you will enjoy with your baby through this lockdown.  I had many parents attend the zoom sessions in the Spring and last lockdown and the feedback I received was amazing! 

I will send out links to both so you can come to whichever one fits in with your baby's feeds, naps, mood that week! Plus, if your baby falls asleep during class, you can join another class later in the day or use the recording!

 Zoom can be accessed via any device; a phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or smart TV.  It's not necessary for your baby to watch the screen; the sessions are intended to give you the music and activities to engage with your baby in a fun, Baby Sensory way, but from the comfort of your own home. 


Hello Baby Observations and Workshops


Hello Baby Observation suitable for babies aged 0 - 12 weeks. I will take you into the truly fascinating world of your new born.  I am offering one to one half hour observations where we will; observe how your baby responds to the world by interpreting behavioural cues. Help you learn as much as possible about your baby. Find out what your baby can do and any sensitivities that he or she may have.    


There are also 3 workshops 

Crying Workshop Session: we will discuss the specific cries and body language of babies from birth to 3 months, help you tune into body language and cries so they can meet their baby’s needs more effectively , discuss the importance of close physical contact in alleviating crying, demonstrate how to wear a baby wrap and a baby carrier, describe the benefits of baby carriers and safety precautions when wearing one.

Colic workshop - we will talk about the main causes of colic, explore the symptoms of colic, discover how to manage or reduce the symptoms.

Comfort workshop we will explore soothing techniques that replicate the womb environment and provide security and comfort, demonstrate how close physical contact, repetitiveness, consistency, and rhythm can help restore balance when your baby cries, introduce safe swaddling practice.


These sessions are £35 for all 4 sessions or £10 to do individually.  The half hour sessions will be booked at a convenient time this can include evenings or weekends so both parents can attend.  The workshops will be on a Wednesday at 12.00pm they are between 45minutes and a hour long.  Your baby can be with you and they will be presented on zoom.


Scroll down to our timetable and click ‘BOOK NOW’ next to your chosen day and time.



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