Baby Sensory Barnsley


Our Award Winning Parent Baby class are designed to aid your Baby's brain develop from Birth to 13 months, the most crucial time in a child’s life when Babies learn the basic foundations for learning and development. You will experience an Exciting journey with your baby of Sensory engagement with songs and traditional rhymes, to develop early speech and language skills, as well Baby Signing activities which will help communication between you and your baby. You will also learn easy ideas to take home for creative play, tummy time, movement, visual development textures and scents.


We start each class with the lovely ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ song using sing and signing and end with the ‘Say Goodbye’ song. Repeating these songs each week will help baby understand when class begins and ends and little ones will start to associate the signs used with the words.
All Classes are carefully structured with brain, visual, hearing, touch and movement development in mind, while making learning FUN and EXCITING for both parent and Baby. No 2 classes are the same, as there are different themes each week, which will include amazing light shows, puppet shows, creative and exploratory play as well as visual and auditory stimulating activities, which are proven to help strengthen eye and hearing development.