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ONCE TERM HAS STARTED: In the event of us having to close venue based classes for any reason such as local or national lockdown, we reserve the right to transfer online to Zoom, we cannot offer refunds.

** Please note this is a working document. We are closely following all government guidance and will update this document in line with the most recent guidance.**


The cost for Baby Sensory venue based classes is £10 per class, payable per term in advance.

If you are returning to work, shorter terms are available upon request.

What will venue based classes be like??

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we have had to make some changes to our class structure. You will be given your own space, socially distanced where necessary. Class numbers will be in line with government guidance.

Baby Sensory – the class will be 45 minutes long, and will be in 3 parts, starting with sensory activities, followed by a short break where you can feed/change baby or play with the equipment provided. We will then finish with another section of sensory activities. As always classes will be a different theme every week. 

-          How will we keep the equipment clean?

You will be given your own tub of equipment to use for the duration of the class. This will include everything you need for all the activities. The equipment will have been sanitised before the session and only you will use it during the session. At the end of the session we will sanitise all equipment and leave it to air dry before it is used again.

We have extended our time between classes to allow 30 minutes so that we can also sanitise all mats and touch points before and after each class

-          Will we have to wear a face covering?

We will continue to follow the most up to date guidance on this. Please respect everyone's personal choice.

Babies and children WILL NOT be asked to wear face coverings.

-          Will we have to maintain social distancing?

We will continue to follow the latest guidance.

-          What happens when I arrive and what can I bring with me?

Due to the cleaning procedures we ask that you do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your class. On arrival you will be shown where you can leave your shoes/bags and will be guided to a sensory mat. Please only bring essential items with you to the class. Please do not bring buggies/car seats unless necessary.

If a lot of people arrive at the same time please form a que outside the door so that you can all enter safely one at a time.

Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use on arrival, this is for adult use only. We also encourage you to bring your own hand sanitiser and to regularly sanitise your hands.

At the end of your class we ask that you collect your things and leave in a safe manner. 

-          Can we use the toilet?

If you need to change a nappy or use the toilet of course you can go! Please follow the most direct route. Please bring your own changing mats and take all nappies/wipes etc home with you.

-          Can we sing?

Of course!

-          Can I bring siblings/ extra people with me?

Unfortunately, we are currently only able to accommodate one adult per child. If you have twins/siblings and want to bring another adult to help you will need to book 2 full price places (if one adult is bringing both siblings the second sibling is half price). Please contact us for any sibling bookings.

Baby Sensory – we are unable to have older siblings attending class.

-          What happens if we go into a local or national lockdown?

If we are unable to run the venue-based classes for circumstances out of our control we will run your affected sessions online via zoom. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund as the online session will be in place of the venue-based class.

-          What if I have any symptoms of Covid 19 or someone I live with is showing symptoms?

Please DO NOT come to classes if you or someone you live with is showing symptoms or has tested positive for Covid 19. Please follow all government guidance for self-isolating.

-          What happens if I cannot attend my class?

If you cannot make your booked venue-based class for any reason you are welcome to request a pre-recorded mini-session to be emailed to you to enjoy at home or alternatively you can gift this to a friend (baby must be within correct age). (Full details would need to be given in advance in writing). We cannot offer discounts for absence due to holidays, sickness or isolating. 

-          What else do I need to know?

By attending the class, you give us permission to pass your details to NHS track and trace if necessary. Please make sure your mobile number is up to date on our system.

Once you have booked if any of this information changes, we will update you accordingly.