Lancaster Baby Sensory


Claire Warren

Claire joined Baby Sensory in January 2018. After attending classes with her baby she was inspired to become a class leader. Claire is also a qualified Teacher. She loves being part of the magic and our parents and babies love her too!

Caitlin Bourne

Caitlin joined us in 2019, after attending classes with her first child - she has since had another baby and loves teaching classes and getting to know you all and your babies! Caitlin is too a qualified Teacher.

Nicole Erswell

I am the owner of Baby Sensory Lancaster. I am a qualified primary school teacher with seven years of experience. My daughter and I have been attending Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense for two years now. From the first class, I was in awe at the creativity and careful thought behind each lesson. I believe that Baby Sensory combines all that I love in being a teacher and motherhood in one. I am most excited to meet you all!