Lancaster Baby Sensory


What to expect at Baby Sensory...


⭐️A Baby Sensory class runs for a full hour. The format includes 20 minutes of sensory activities, where you will find yourself visiting underwater worlds, lying beneath jungle vines, having a teddy bear's picnic or zooming through space with your baby!

⭐️You will then enjoy a 20-minute play-break in our exploratory play area, which is full of age-appropriate toys and equipment for your baby to play with. This is also a perfect opportunity to chat to others in your group.

⭐️We then return to the sensory area for a further 20 minutes of sensory activities before waving goodbye for the day.


This carefully planned format is designed to coincide with your baby's natural play-rest-play cycle.  


With over 60 different sessions, the yearlong programme will fill you with ideas for play at home and enhance your precious time with your baby in their first year. 


 We have instruments, baby signing, massage and exercise, sleep techniques, social playtime, action rhymes and songs.


 Each activity we do aims to enhance and accelerate learning and development. We provide developmental information for each activity we do, giving you the understanding of how it will help your baby physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. 

Our classes are run by Claire on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, Caitlin on Wednesdays and Thursdays and on occasional Saturdays and Sundays classes are run by Nicole. All three class leaders are both experienced and professionally trained to deliver engaging, exciting classes for you and your baby. We cannot wait to meet you and your baby!