Baby Sensory Yate

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Natasha Lovelock

I had my son Jonah in May 2016 and only lasted a couple of weeks at home before I was eagerly looking for classes and groups for the two of us go to. A good friend of mine recommended some classes to me, having a Science background I was keen to go to classes that provided tools for my son's development so she totally sold Baby Sensory to me! We went to our first session when Jonah was about 4 months old and both absolutely loved it. The class leader was friendly and engaging and the activities were interesting for both of us and easy to replicate at home.

Charlotte Belsten, Emma Goodyear, Jennifer Protheroe-Minett, Laura Entwistle and Rachel Paul

Charlotte, Emma, Jen, Laura and Rachel joined our team after loving bringing their own babies to Baby Sensory. Each has excelled since joining the team and have brought their own enthusiasm, energy and personality to their classes. We love having them on board and feel unbelievably lucky to work with each of them.

Jeremy Lovelock

Natasha's husband, came on board in 2021 to help Natasha behind the scenes. Main roles include replying to emails and blowing up balloons.