Baby Sensory Woolwich-Greenwich


Sessions are £9 per week, and are payable termly.  Terms typically run in 10-13 week intervals and our summer sizzlers typically run for 4 weeks over the summer holidays with a reduced schedule of courses on offer.

Trial courses are available to new customers running for 3-weeks and cost £27; thereafter should you wish to keep your place the balance of the terms' fees are payable.

Classes run weekly and typically follow term time but do check your class schedule and booking confirmation for details of holidays.  

Our course timetables typically run as follows:

January-March (Winter Term)

April-July (Spring/Summer Term

July-August (Summer Sizzlers, reduced timetable)

September-December (Autumn Term)


Special events typically include:

Spring - Baby's First Easter

Summer - Daddy Rocks Father's Day extra

Autumn - Baby Pumpkin Costume Ball & Harvest Festival

Winter - Baby's First Christmas Spectacular and Baby Valentine Ball

Other special themes like - Mother's Day, Summer Salsa, Space Adventure and Rock and Roll happen as part of our regular weekday series with unique topics and lesson plans.  We have a huge variety of lessons, each a unique and fun learning programme and they differ every single week.  With over 65 themes you're unlikely to ever see the same lesson twice!

Ask your class leader about our regular Weekend Classes for working parents and popular Weekend Daddy Date series (exclusive for Dads).

Occasionally we offer Special Offer Drop In sessions if space allows.   These are £10 per class.  Please email our booking team on or call 07715305471 to check if any spaces are available and to avoid any disappointment at being turned away on the day.

BACK TO WORK?  Contact our local office to enquire about flexible booking options to support you during your return to work.