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Welcome to Baby Sensory @home with Natalie, Shelley and Maygan

What's Happening with my Classes?


We aim to provide some level of normality in these

strange and challenging times.


While we are unable to meet at our regular venues, we will be

coming to you with our Baby Sensory@ Home classes using ZOOM.


 Our spring-summer term starts (online) w/c 20 April.


*Until we return to venues your classes will take place online via the zoom platform, These classes are live and interactive. You will have time to talk with class mates, ask questions and generally get the support you would get from peers during a normal class. The classes will be directed at you the parents, enabling you to interact fully with your baby without them being required to look at the screen so this won’t be passive screen time.


  • Instead of one signature session you will have access to up to 5x sessions per week so if you miss one(or just want to attend more) you can always join a different class that week.
  • There will also be 2 different 30 minute afternoon Baby Sensory Bites sessions per week (One Tuesday and one Thursday at 3.15pm) which you can attend to help bring some structure and routine to your days. 
  • The classes will take place on Mondays at 10am, Tuesdays at 9.30am, Wednesday 10.00am, Thursdays at 11am and Fridays at 2pm hopefully these times will mean everyone can find a couple that suit them. 
  • In addition to these classes we have a private Facebook group which we will be filling with more content over the next few weeks, includeind talks from our founder and leading baby development expert Dr Lin Day.If you are not on Facebook we can arrange to send these to you via We Transfer or via other links.
  • I will send weekly lists of items to source around the home to replace the props we use in class – these will all be easy to find and not cost you anything to make (if you can get some bubble mixture though that will add to the fun). I will also send information on how to extend the play@home 




At Baby Sensory, you and your baby will experience a huge variety of magical sensory activities every week. Each one has been lovingly created to support your baby’s sensory development.  You are welcome to join our classes at at any time, even mid term.

Baby Sensory is an extremely popular Baby Development activity and many of our classes are fully booked, therefore, it is advisable to book early.


Before booking please do read our Terms and Conditions


A warm welcome awaits you from Shelly, Maygan and Natalie!


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