Baby Sensory Wolves North


Baby Sensory is an Award winning parent and baby classes where every activity is researched to aid the development of your little one. Each week baby is taken on a wonderful sensory journey where they are given many opportunities to explore and learn about the world around them, laying those early foundations giving them the best start in life.


Our classes are structured starting with our Say Hello to the Sun song where we sign and communicate with our babies, followed by 20 minutes of structured activities then 20 minuets of free play in the Explortory Play Area this enable the little ones to have a rest before returning for another 20 minutes of activities. We end all classes with our goodbye song to calm babies at the end of class.


Every week is different and our classes included themed classes such as Jungle Jitters, Rock N Roll, Beach week and Baby pirate providing endless fun and resrouces. Baby Sensory has been establised for 10 years, we've done the research so you can enjoy the fun.