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Hello Baby Massage.

Would you like to try a different kind of massage class?

Hello Baby has been designed to follow your babies natural cycle called the play, rest, play cycle, just like our Baby Sensory classes do meaning they don't become over stimulated.

Each week we work on a new area of babies bodies, building up the massage, reflexology and yoga techniques, as well as introducing babies to a different Sensory treat from puppets or shakers to magical lights!

We introduce you and baby to techniques to reduce colic, teething, trapped gas and have some fun with tummy time!

Our classes are smaller, intimate and calmer for your newborns, a perfect place to start their adventures into the world and the perfect place to bond with your baby!

Hello Baby Massage is 5 weeks for babies from birth to 12 weeks old (12 weeks at the start of term) 

You will also receive a massage techniques folder and at the end of term your baby will receive their certificate! A great one for the memory box! 

Baby Sensory.

Our classes are for babies from birth to 13 months.

Classes are an hour long, broken into 3 parts to follow your baby’s natural cycle of play, rest, play.

We start every week with our signature song Say Hello to the Sun followed by a range of sensory activities. With every activity we explain how it will help develop your babies and help them reach important milestones. 

Babies then have a chance to rest in our exploratory play area. Our breaks are an important part of our classes, without them babies can become over stimulated, they also give parent/carers a chance to chat and get to know each other each week.

We then come back to our sensory area to finish off the class with more sensory activities and our final soothing song Wave Goodbye.

With a year’s worth of lesson plans, you will never repeat the same class. We offer a whole range of props and experiences for your baby from musical instruments to light shows, puppet shows, chiffons, bubbles, bouncing, massage, yoga and lots more.

Throughout the year we run extra special themes at the weekend for partners to be able to attend and make extra special memories. These themes include Valentines, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween and of course Christmas.