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Jo Hickman

My name is Jo Hickman and I am trained as a Primary School teacher. I have worked in a large primary school as a teacher in the Early Years. In August 2013, I became the mother to my daughter Poppy. After one of my friends suggested we try out Baby Sensory when Poppy was around 10 weeks old, we went along to our first class together and loved it! I attended various baby classes with her, however it was Baby Sensory classes that really stood out - particularly for variety each class offered, from music and dance, to fibre optic light shows and puppet shows, baby signing, bubbles, bells, action and rhyme songs, through to massage, therapeutic exercises and baby whispering. I have since had another daughter called Elsie and we also attended Baby Sensory classes together. Poppy, Elsie and I were captivated and loved the amazing sensory journeys we travelled on each week. Whether we were adventurers exploring the jungle, splashing around in the sea, watching amazing light shows as we jetted off into space, or sharing some quiet time doing soothing therapeutic exercises together; each week our Baby Sensory classes were such a treat! I absolutely love working with young children and helping them to develop is so rewarding. So when the opportunity came up to become a Baby Sensory class teacher in the Wimbledon and Merton areas, I was delighted. It feels like such a real privilege to do this role.