Baby Sensory West Bromwich


Why Baby Sensory?

If you are looking for an exciting multi-sensory baby class which is fun, social and helps with your babies development, then Baby Sensory is for you!

Your baby has an amazing capacity to absorb information during their precious first year and all of our activities at Baby Sensory are research based to ensure that your baby is provided with brain, visual, hearing, touch and movement sensory input. Each class takes you and your baby on a multi-sensory journey including music, baby signing, light shows, bubbles, movement, puppet shows, messy play and so much more! You will also learn ideas to take home for creative play, tummy time and sensory activities, all of which will provide your baby with the best start.

Baby Sensory classes are also a great time for parents to meet and socialise. We know how isolating being a parent to a baby is and being able to discuss your experiences and share ideas with other parents makes a world of difference. This isn’t just a great environment for babies but for parents too, both new and experienced.

What happens in class? 

Every week there is a new exciting theme, you can come for a whole year without experiencing the same class twice! Every class follows the same routine in line with your babies natural play, rest, play cycle. We always start with our sing and sign song, ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ followed by 25 minutes of structured activities. We then have 15 minutes in the Exploratory Play Area, where babies and parents can play, rest and socialise. Then there are another 20 minutes of activities ending with our lovely calming song ‘Wave Goodbye’, hopefully setting babies up for a lovely restful nap. 


What if my baby cries, needs feeding, needs a nappy change?


Our classes are baby led. So whatever your babies needs we want you to feel comfortable in tending to them. You can feed your baby in the sensory or play area, we provide a place to change them, and if they get fussy, have colic or reflux, you are encouraged to do what ever they need to soothe them! 


Is my baby too young?


Baby Sensory classes are from birth to 13 months and your baby is never too young to attend. Your baby will learn so much in the early months of life with their brains doubling in volume by the end of the first year. All of our Baby Sensory activities are adapted for different ages and stages of development so that you and your baby get the most out of every class. 


My baby is crawling/walking can they still come? 


Of course! Our environments are safe and clean for little explorers. Just like with our youngest babies activities are adapted for our mobile babies. I love when I have little friends join me at the front of class!


What if my baby or I have additional needs? 


We welcome EVERYONE to class and will make any and all adaptations to ensure that you and your baby have a wonderful experience. Get in touch to discuss what I can do to make attending and participating in class easier for you. 

Come along and join in the fun by booking here!

All of our locations are accessible and there is plenty of free parking.