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Booking  Information - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome information will be sent to you upon booking giving further information on class attendance, venues and important information however please note the following.


Can I book using a Little Starts Gift Card?


Yes however please note Gift Card are redeemable only on selected classes and are charged at the "Per Class" pay as you go weekly rate.  Please get in touch for more information.  Only one Little Starts gift card can be redeemed per customer.


What do I do when I first arrive?

Please do not enter the hall more than 10 minutes before your session time to allow time for set up and cleaning.

You will be welcomed and shown where to place shoes and personal items before taking a seat in our activity area. To ensure the highest cleanliness and hygiene for you and baby, we do not allow anyone to wear shoes in class - socks MUST be worn and shoes must not come into contact with the floor mats or tarpaulin in our rooms at any time.


What happens in class?

Please see about the classes.  Please additionally note.


During the activities please keep talking to a minimum to ensure you can get the most from all of our activities, and to hear important development information, advice and safety information. You are very welcome to talk as much as you like during the break of course!

At the end of class we ask you to please leave the room as soon as possible to allow time for cleaning and re-setting before the next session and our turnaround for classes is quite short.

Please supervise any handling of props given out or available during class. Please do not let children mouth or damage props in any way.

What do I do if my baby or I am ill?

Please DO NOT come to class if you or your child is ill or if you or your is showing symptoms or has tested positive for Covid 19 (in the case of Covid 19) please follow all government guidance.

What happens if I miss a class?  Can I give my space to someone else?

If you are unable to attend your regular class we will try and accommodate you in a different class subject to availability but are unable to guarantee space.

We cannot offer a refund or credit for a lesson missed for any reason however you are welcome to gift your space to a friend provided we are notified in advance.

Can my baby and I eat and drink in class? 

Please refrain from bringing in coffee/tea/hot drinks or food to the venue for hygene and safety purposes and to prevent issues arising from any allergies other children may have.

You are welcome to breast/bottle feed at any point during the session however please do not feed babies solid foods whilst at session – if you do need to feed any solid food please move to a space away from the mats or step out of the room.

Can partners, siblings and family members come along? 

Older siblings under the age of 6 are not permitted to attend Baby Sensory classes at any time for the safety of all babies - any children attending are not allowed to enter the activity area.


Friends, partners and family members are welcome to attend but may need to sit behind you if space is limited as we allocate one space per person.

Can I take photographs/videos during class? 

There are sure to be many fantastic memories to be made with your baby, it truly is a very special time and many parents wish to capture special moments in photos.

You are more than welcome to take photographs of your baby during the sessions but please be mindful of capturing other peoples babies in your photographs without their permission.

And do please always tag us in photos on social media or send them to me!! We love to see them !

What if my baby falls asleep during class? 

With many babies attending from just a few weeks old, this naturally happens however even sleeping babies can benefit from class. Babies still process up to 60% of their surroundings whilst asleep! How incredible is that!!

Babies will hear the different types of music we play which help communicate thoughts and emotions that no other stimulus can and music can also help with pain and stress management and contributes unequivocally to positive brain development.

Babies can also feel the different textures we offer, which also stimulates new brain cell connections.

You will also learn developmental information for the coming months and weeks and tips for sensory play at home, so time in class is never wasted. Social interactions are also vital for your health too!!


Do you offer discounts for twins?

We do offer a discount for multiple birth so please do contact us to get booked on.

How do I keep up to date on what's happening in class? 

Please check my Facebook / Instagram page before classes each week for updates and any info on what you may need to bring to class that week or what our theme is (as its different every week for whole year!)

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** Please note this is a working document**