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SUMMER TERM: 4th June - 19th July

As  we near the end of term almost all our classes are full. We only have a few spaces remaining:

☀️ Thursdays

9:30am & 11am 

Kings Down Pavilion, Bridgwater ☀️


Planning to join us in September?

Register your interest by adding yourself to our Autumn Term 'waitlist'. By signing up to our waitlist you will receive a booking reminder, text message and information about the Autumn term. It also means your details will be on the system so when you come to book you will save some time.

⭐️ Bookings for the Autumn term will open on Friday 19th July at 7pm.

⭐️ The Autumn Term will start w/c 9th September.


Baby Sensory has been developed specifically to cater for the needs of babies from birth to 13 months and their parents. It draws on current research, the work of theorists, early years experts, and over 30 years of experience. Our research has shown that over 90% of babies attending our classes develop ahead of the recognised milestones.


Is my baby too young?

No! The first 3 months of a baby's life are the most important in terms of brain development. An astonishing 2 million brain new brain cell connections are made every second! By your baby's first birthday their brain will have doubled in volume as a direct result of sensory learning from birth.

What if my baby sleeps or cries?

It doesn't matter at all. When babies are asleep they will still be taking in approximately 60% of the stimuli around them and grown-ups enjoy the classes just as much as babies! With regards to crying... again it is completely normal. It often takes a few sessions for babies to feel settled and comfortable in a new environment. Please don't feel under any pressure to remain in the sensory area and if you need to feed, change or walk about then go for it!

Is my baby too old?

Our classes are suitable for babies from birth to approximately 13 months. If your baby is nearing the upper age limit and will turning 13 months during a term then you are still able to book and join us. Providing baby is still engaged with most activities and not up to too much mischief they are most welcome to join! Please don't feel any pressure to bring your baby back to the sensory area if they are happily engaged in play. 

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