Baby Sensory Stirling




Baby Sensory Easter Parties will be held on Saturday 23rd March to view available time slots click here

Easter Parties are not to be missed 1 hour of celebrating your wee ones first easter.  From sing about topsy rabbit to counting our baby bunnies before they disappear down there borrow and lots more fun and memories to be made.


Baby Sensory Birthday parties are ideal for babies up to 13 months old.


Our Baby Sensory parties are suitable for any occasion when your family and friends come together for a celebration.


First Birthdays are the most popular parties, but we’ll help you celebrate any occasion!


• Hassle-free party fun and entertainment, with no clearing up afterwards!
• Celebrate milestones.
• Creating memories for the whole family.
• Developing the bond between babies and parents.
• Sharing your Baby Sensory experiences with your loved ones.


Planning your party


• We’ll help you choose a theme and organise a date
• No hassle booking a venue, our parties are held in our baby sensory centre in Stirling, so you don’t need to worry about booking a venue or clearing up afterwards. 
• Invite your guests, we can hold parties from 4 guest to 20!
• Enjoy a fun-packed party that your guests will talk about for weeks and you'll remember fondly.


GET IN TOUCH or chat to me at your next class.


To make the party an enjoyable experience for everyone, babies need to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.


I have been astounded by the amount of positive feedback relating to the Baby Sensory party - even from people without children! We all thoroughly enjoyed it!" Hanna.