Baby Sensory Southampton

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We run fabulous Baby Sensory parties for babies up to 15 months of age. We can accommodate up to 20 babies and children, although we ask you to be mindful too many older children can detract from it being designed for babies. A ratio of more babies works better. Please include older children in the total number.

A Baby Sensory party is 45 minutes in duration and the fee is £90. The fee includes our time in planning your party, packing the van, driving to your venue, setting up, delivering the party, packing away and returning to our base. Please allow at least 30 minutes either side of the party time for setting up and packing away.  

 We have some super themes or you may prefer to design the party yourself from a comprehensive list of activities. Whatever you choose will delight your guests and be a talking point for some time afterwards. Activities can range from puppet shows, fibre optic lights, action songs, parachutes, musical instruments, balloons, bubbles, the Big Birthday Surprise Box, a watery world under the sea, a trek through the jungle..... there are lots of possibilities!

We can run parties any time on Saturdays but can only run them on Sunday mornings as we need to reload the van for our classes the following week. 

Please complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have a party pack we can send you with all the information you'll need and you can contact us if you have any specific queries or would like to discuss activities. If you are a My VIP Card holder you get a 10% discount on the party fee. 

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