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Baby Sensory introduces you and your baby to a world of rich and varied sensory experiences in a creative and enjoyable environment. Classes always start with our ‘Say Hello’ song, during which you will use simple sign language to communicate with your baby. This is followed by a range of sensory activities that you can enjoy with your baby. Each week has a variety of themed activities designed to delight and excite your baby and to give you a wealth of ideas to try at home too. Each class ends with our ‘Wave Goodbye’ song. 


To see what happens in our classes please visit our Facebook Page for up-to-date venue and class images and videos.




ALLERGIES:  Please be advised that we use bubbles and latex balloons in most sessions.  Do let us know if you have any concerns or allergies.  Safety messages are always noted with relevant materials in each session.


FOOD & DRINK:  The consumption of food and drink (including finger food) is strictly prohibited.


FOOTWEAR/SHOES: You are asked to remove your shoes before joining the activities to help keep things clean for our babies. You are required to wear socks so please ensure you have a spare pair in your change bag during flip-flop/sandal season.




Q. When should I join Baby Sensory and for how long?


Baby Sensory is suitable from Birth to 13m so you can join at any stage of a term providing there are places available and only pay for the remaining weeks. While each session follows a set structure to help babies familiarise themselves with a routine, each session is an individual unit so you don't miss anything by joining partway through a term.


New customers can start with a 3-week taster course before committing for the remaining weeks of term. Shorter block bookings are available upon request if you are unable to commit beyond a certain date because, for example, you’re returning to work.


Q. Which class should I choose? 


Baby Sensory is suitable from Birth to around 13m. Our class age ranges are a guide rather than a rule - there is a degree of flexibility around this. We tend to go be guided by baby's age at the beginning of a term so, for example, a baby who is 5 months old may sign up for a Birth - 7 month class and remain for the entire term (babies are often 8-9 months before they 'graduate' to an older babies' class). Please get in touch if you have any questions or encounter any problems booking your preferred session online.


We work from a single lesson plan in any given week so there are only subtle differences in how lessons are delivered depending on whether a class is Birth to 7m, 6-13m or Birth to 13m. You may have a preference for attending a class with a smaller age range; or if the class time is more important - or you would like to attend with a friend with an older or younger baby - you may prefer a Birth to 13m class.


Q. What if my preferred class time has a wait list?


Where classes have met capacity they will be shown as having a wait list.  You can add yourself to multiple wait lists to increase the likelihood of being offered a space. If a space does become available, we will contact you. You may wish to consider joining an alternative class time while you wait for availability in your preferred class, as once classes are full they can remain so for the rest of term.

Q. Do you offer taster sessions?


If you are new to Baby Sensory you are welcome to book a 3-week taster course before signing up for the remainder of the term.  Our taster courses cost £34.50 for three hour-long sessions. If you have any problems selecting a taster course then please get in touch and we can assist.


Q.  I booked a taster course - how do I book the rest of the course?  


After your taster course you will have the opportunity to sign up for a block of classes. Your place is reserved for you to rebook online (or through the office if that's how you made your original booking) until the day after the third scheduled session of your taster course. If you can only continue up until a certain date because you are returning to work (or similar), please contact us to request a shorter block of classes.


Q. What if I or my baby is ill?


You should not allow your child to attend a class if either you or they are ill. You must not bring your child to a class in the following circumstances: 


  • they have had a fever or a cough within the 14 days prior to the class; 
  • they have had an upset stomach or diarrhoea in the 48 hours prior to the class; 
  • they have heavy nasal discharge; 
  • they have discharging eyes; or 
  • they have symptoms of a possible communicable disease, including, but not limited to, Covid-19, measles, chicken pox, German measles, whooping cough, impetigo, scarlet fever, hand foot and mouth disease or norovirus. 

We are unable to offer a cancellation for a lesson missed due to illness. However, we will do our best to accommodate a make-up session later in the same or following week (subject to availability). See next Q&A for further information.


Q. What happens if I am unable to attend a class?


All booked sessions are consecutive and regrettably missed classes cannot be added on at a later date. If you miss your regular session, we will do our best to accommodate a make-up class later in the same or following week (subject to availability).


If you know in advance you are unable to attend e.g. because you have a holiday booked during part of the course, you may 'gift' your space to a friend - we would just need their contact details in advance for our records.


Q. Can I bring an additional adult with me?


Additional adults are welcome to attend sessions without prior arrangement. If space permits, additional adults will be able to accompany their party in the sensory area. Where this is not possible (e.g. all registered customers at a full class are present) they may need to observe from a seat at the side.  


Q.  Can my child’s pre-school sibling attend with us?


Sadly, this is not possible. Baby Sensory classes are designed to be enjoyed with you and your baby exclusively. Your older child may enjoy Toddler Sense (which is suitable from 13m – 4 years). This policy helps us to ensure that our classes are always a safe and calm environment for babies.  We occasionally offer weekend/seasonal specials, which are orientated for families, and siblings are welcome at these family sessions.  For more information, please speak to your class leader.


Q.  Once my baby is going to be 13 months, is it time to leave Baby Sensory?  


Baby Sensory classes are suitable for babies up until they begin to move with confidence. This may be sometime before or after 13 months. As a general rule, if baby is under 13m at the beginning of term, Baby Sensory is usually suitable for another term. If you are in doubt please feel free to speak to your class leader. Once your baby has reached 13 months you will be eligible to graduate into the Toddler Sense Programme (designed for 1-4 year olds) and we can provide you with more details. https://www.toddlersense.com/bexley/


Q. Do you offer a discount for twins?

Twins are very welcome in class. Where possible, we ask you to bring an additional adult to have one-to-one interaction with one of the twins. We are able to offer a £2 per week discount per set of twins - please contact us to request this.


Q. How do I re-book a block of classes?

The local admin team will let you know when new term dates "go live."  Existing and wait listed customers are offered priority rebooking slots before the date is opened up to the wider public.  Reminders are offered in class, by email as well as on our Facebook Business pages so please do keep in touch and like our pages!  Spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Spaces do fill quickly.


Q. What happens if a class is cancelled?


Classes are rarely cancelled.  In the event of illness, we make every attempt to ensure the class is covered by another leader.  However, if we need to cancel, we will EMAIL the entire register so please ensure we have your current email address.   We also update our Facebook Business Pages. Where there is less than 12 hours’ notice of cancellation, your class leader will text everyone on registers. Please make sure your mobile information is up to date. We also update our Facebook pages with any cancellation information.  In the event of SNOW or some other natural or unforeseen circumstances, we follow the same procedure as outlined above.


Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to class?


The only item that we ask you to bring to class is a blanket for baby to lay/sit on. This is a lovely texture for baby and an important cue for reassurance.


All equipment used in our classes (much of which is unique to our programme) is provided for your use - so there's no expensive outlay on purchasing your own props. Our rigorous cleaning schedule ensures that all items are kept pristine.


Should you wish to purchase any favourite items of equipment to supplement your home collection, these are available at the Baby Sensory Shop:  https://www.babysensoryshop.co.uk/ or ask your class leader if we have any popular items like bells, ribbons & shakers in stock.


Q. What if my baby starts becoming more mobile during the course?


It is perfectly normal for babies to wish to move around and explore as they become more mobile. This is a wonderful sign that babies are developing confidence to be on their own.


Q. What if my baby cries in class?


It is perfectly usual for babies to cry or to become restless at any point during the session so please do not worry if this happens. We know that babies thrive on routine and it often takes 3-4 weeks to settle in completely and to feel that they are in familiar surroundings. Other factors such as teething may also affect your baby’s mood. If you need to get up and move around with your baby at any point during the session you are always welcome – it has happened to us all at some point and we want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome in our sessions. If you do need to move around during class please ensure that you wear a face covering while social distancing measures are in place. 


Q. Can I feed my baby at class?


You are welcome to feed your baby at any point during the class. Whether you are breast or bottle-feeding you are welcome to do so wherever you feel comfortable. You are respectfully asked to refrain from giving baby finger food at class.


Q. Can I arrive early to settle/feed my baby before class?


Please plan to arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before your class. As we need to prepare between sessions, we will be unable to admit you any earlier. Registration will take place on arrival.  


Q. What if my baby needs a change?


If you need to make use of our baby change facilities please ensure baby is never left unattended. We recommend using your own change table liner if you have one but disposable liners will be available.  Please bag all soiled nappies and place in the bin using the foot based opening.  Do also wipe down the nappy change with the available spray and paper towels and dispose of in the nappy bin.  Sanitise your hands before returning to the class area.  Rubber gloves are also available if needed.  Please do not change baby on the classroom floor even if you have your own change mat.


If your baby is sick during class, please don't worry.  But do let your class leader know so that the area can be disinfected immediately.  


Please email us on sidcup@babysensory.co.uk or call 07952 579044 for further information or for assistance with your booking.  


We advise you to read our T&Cs at https://www.babysensory.com/sidcup/terms-and-conditions before booking your place in a class.