Baby Sensory Pontefract



My first experience with Baby Sensory was when my baby Reggie was around 4 months. I was recommend to the classes by a number of my mummy friends. As soon as I walked into my class I was wowed, I couldn't believe how exciting the class was. The activities were all so engaging using a number of different props. Each week was different my baby loved the experience. Reggie was such a mummy's boy and everywhere I went he wanted cuddles. When we started Baby Sensory he started to grow some independence and meet new baby friends (not that I don't still love my cuddles). He thrived so much my little baby was developing into this happy little boy. I wish I would have started Reggie at Baby Sensory from birth, if only I would have known sooner. It was at this point in my life that I needed a career change I had left my old job working as a manager in a call centre and needed something to really motivate me. My class leader at the time was expanding and I thought this is absolutely the job for me. I like to think I'm a bubbly person who is very approachable and mostly I adore babies. I am now the very proud owner of Baby Sensory Pontefract and cannot wait to introduce new parents and babies to the magic of Baby Sensory.