Baby Sensory Nottingham North


Sally Wyles

Hi! My name is Sally and I am mummy to Piper, aged 1. As we all know becoming a mummy is a truly life changing experience and I found getting out to classes to meet new mums my saviour! From the start I found Baby Sensory classes to be warm and welcoming and it was so nice to be in an environment that was so understanding to my babies needs. I was also truly taken back by the effort that goes into each class, something different each week all assigned to helping your babies development as well as being great fun! We went along to many classes at first but there was always something extra special about Baby Sensory, maybe it was the introduction of "say hello to the sun" each week or the 'under the sea' theme that had us hooked! Before I joined the Baby Sensory family, I was a Primary School Teacher in Dubai. I loved being a Teacher and I am truly grateful for all the little ones I met along the way. However, having my little girl gave me a different set of priorities and now I'm so happy that I get to watch babies develop, up until they are 13 months old and share this wonderful experience with their parents :)