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Helen Barrett

Hello, I'm Helen and I have been running Baby Sensory classes since 2011, where I have had the privilege of meeting and working with so many families. I started my own Baby Sensory journey after the birth if my daughter, Orla in 2010........So why Baby Sensory? After our first class I was hooked! I was impressed with the simple and effective format of the classes, and mesmerized at how Orla responded to the activities. I saw her grow within this class from a baby just watching and listening with wide eyes and smiles at the beautiful sights and sounds around her to a toddler who loved to get involved, clapping and singing and joining in with the friends she made. She wasn’t the only one to have made friends; this class is the perfect chance to meet other parents and carers and is the ideal opportunity to share the ups and downs with others. These classes made such an impact on me that when the opportunity came up to become part of the Baby Sensory team I jumped at it. I am excited to share these classes with you and I hope that you will enjoy them just as much.