Baby Sensory Isleworth



Hi Everyone, my name is Kayleigh and I have been running Baby Sensory since 2016. I love teaching the classes and seeing all the little babies meet milestones & make friends. I teach classes, but I am also the person on the end of emails, phone calls and text messages. From September I will doing more of the background running whilst I also teach my toddler classes (Reading Fairy Isleworth). Running Baby Sensory has been amazing and I couldn't imagine any other job.


Hi, my name is Kate and I have been teaching Baby Sensory since September 2019. I attending classes with my daughter in Isleworth and loved it. My background is actually in Theatre & Stage management but I was looking for a new challenge that would work around my family. I teach classes in Brentford and Isleworth and I love being a part of the Baby Sensory Isleworth team