Baby Sensory Guernsey


Elise Trebert

I am very passionate about working with young children and particularly babies. I recently managed a very busy baby room before becoming a mum to my daughter Willa in February 2018 which led me to the beginning of my Baby Sensory journey. Baby Sensory soon became the highlight of our week, never experiencing the same lesson twice meant that each week I arrived feeling excited and left feeling amazed. Through attending classes, I met some lovely parents and babies, was offered so much advice and support throughout the programme and the sessions have even influenced ideas of play and stimulation at home. Willa has benefited hugely and immediately smiles when the 'Say Hello to the Sun' song is played or sees a puppet appear from behind the couch! I hope Baby Sensory will become the highlight of your week and will provide you with a wealth of precious memories. I'm very excited to join you and your baby through the magical journey of Baby Sensory.