Baby Sensory & Hello Baby Massage Grantham, Melton & South Notts

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Baby Sensory is a baby development class designed for babies from birth-13 months.  

We have instruments, baby signing, massage, exercise, sleep techniques, social playtime, action rhymes, light shows, bubbles, parachute activities, overhead canopies & songs. Each hour-long session is filled with wonderful sensory experiences for the babies & adults to enjoy! From fibre optic lights shows to glowing bouncy balls, bubbles, bells, rainbows, tickly feathers, puppets, silky scarves & water play; the possibilities for learning are endless!  Each activity we do aims to enhance learning and development in some way.

Hello Baby is a 6 week course designed specifically for parents and their new babies from birth to 3 months.

Renowned, dedicated and passionate, Dr Lin Day (PhD, M.Phil, FETC, PGCE, BSc, Dip Ed), has written and developed a new add-on feature to the already successful Baby Sensory programme-Hello Baby designed specifically for parents and their new babies.  

"Your baby communicates with you from the moment they enter the world. We look at how your baby responds to the world, what they can do, what they find difficult or stressful, and how you can help them grow and develop in the first 3 months of life." Dr Lin Day.

An extraordinary opportunity for parents, our Hello Baby programmes help you to:

Observe how your baby responds to the world and communicates with you by interpreting behavioural cues.
Identify your baby's abilities, sensitivities and needs.
Recognise how your baby self-soothes to reduce stress.
Explore the main causes of colic and how to manage or reduce symptoms.
Recognise the five main cries of your baby.
Investigate comfort techniques that can effectively reduce crying.
Develop loving touch techniques through baby massage, reflexology, yoga, sensory integration and containment.

Baby Sensory classes currently run in Waltham on the Wolds, Grantham & at our own dedicated venue in Whatton just outside Bingham.

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