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Class news – please read: 


***Door Code*** You will need a code to enter the Zebon Centre: 9896 #. Once you are inside, we are in the Crookham Hall which is on the left. No door code is required for access to the Lucy Pygott Centre in Hartley Wintney. 


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram – Baby Sensory Fleet – so you can keep up to date with class info, gain extra knowledge and of course we’d love you to share any photos you take in class via our designated WhatsApp group – look out for info on that in class. 


Baby Weighing scales – available every week in class.


Class information – please familiarise yourself with this information.


Arrival – Please only arrive 5-10 minutes before the class start time – we are super busy behind the scenes deep cleaning between sessions and preparing for your class. If you are joining us for the first time you may not know where the venue is situated and when you arrive the car park may be busy. Please do not panic or rush. If you are running late or cannot find us straight away, please take your time. We will start the classes at the set times but we want you to arrive safely. If you arrive late, just join in once you are ready, there is never any rush. 


Parking - There is lots of free parking at the Zebon Centre but during exceptionally busy times you can park on nearby roads. Please park within the bays to ensure ease of use for all visitors and access for emergency vehicles at all times. 


Buggies and Prams – If you need to use your buggy, please park it neatly in the entrance hall or along the corridor, not blocking access for others. Where possible please carry your baby in with you rather than bringing in buggies, but only if it is possible and safe for you to do so.  


Class format - We are delighted that we have a lovely sociable vibe and we know how important it is to socialise and connect. Each week we have approximately 10 - 15 minutes of Exploratory play time which is the ideal opportunity for you to catch up with each other and make new friends. Please do consider saving your chat to this part of the sessionto avoid our Class Leaders having to talk above you which risks you missing vital health and safety information about the activities, instructions on what we are doing, and makes for an extra noisy class which can be off putting for some babies and grown ups!  


Socks - please make sure that you have some socks for your feet so that we keep our equipment as clean as possible for everyone’s use! Shoes can be left at the side of the mats, with your bag. 


Settling In  - We have some fantastic sessions planned this term for you and your babies. Please be aware if you are new to the class it may take your little one a couple of sessions before they feel fully comfortable in the room and settled with their new class. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask and we will do all we can to help. 


If you need to bring an additional adult along with you to class at any point in the term, please email Viv (fleet@babysensory.co.uk) in advance so we can monitor room capacity and ensure there is space for everyone. 


Sickness - Please do familiarise yourself with our sickness policy which can be found at www.babysensory.co.uk/fleet under Terms and Conditions - the health and comfort of all those attending is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, refunds for missed classes due to illness can’t be arranged, however you can gift your class space to a friend or re-arrange for a different day that same week if appropriate and spaces are available.


Holidays – Apologies but refunds for missed classes due to holidays/other absences can’t be arranged however, as above, you can gift your space to a friend or anyone on our waiting list. 


Health & Safety - We are obliged to provide health and safety information at the beginning of each class, and during the course of the activities where relevant. Please do keep chat between grown ups to a minimum during these times, so that we can ensure the safety of all those in the class. Please do keep us updated on any allergies or medical conditions that yourself or your baby have, in particular any allergies to Latex (balloons) or Soap/bubble mixture. 


If you have any friends who would like to join a Baby Sensory Fleet class we still have a few spaces available this term. It's never too late to come along, so do let them know to just get in contact with me or checkout our website www.babysensory.co.uk/fleet