Baby Sensory Fareham & Waterlooville


Baby Sensory is an award winning, officially accredited, international early learning development programme that aims to educate, stimulate and create precious memories for you and your baby in the first year of their life.

We pride ourselves on variety and offer a huge range of activities and fact, if you join us for a whole year you will never experience the same session twice! We literally deliver hundreds of different activities per year and follow over 70 lesson plans.

Our classes each week are stand alone. You can join at any point in the term, providing there is space. Our age brackets are as a guide and the ideal age at the beginning of the term you are booking. We offer three class options Birth - 6 months, 6-13 months and birth -13 months 

Each session is 55 minutes long and follows baby’s natural cycle of play, rest, play. We provide developmental information for each activity giving you the understanding of how it will help develop your baby mentally or physically.

We can't wait to meet you and your little one and welcome you to the wonderful world of Baby Sensory!  If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Lynsey on 07722623917 or 01489 483050.  

I will look forward to welcoming you to class soon x