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Specifically designed from birth to aid your child's development, the classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, singing and more - plus you'll never experience the same class twice.

Baby Sensory was the first (and original) baby programme to offer a complete approach to learning and sensory development from birth to 13 months. Designed to stimulate, educate and provide precious memories during the all-important first year of life, Baby Sensory has won multiple awards both nationally and internationally since 2008. 

Every week will bring different sensory activities designed to support your baby's sensory development.
Baby Sensory is an extremely popular Baby Development class, with many customers returning to join us with siblings - please book early to avoid disappointment!

We currently offer classes at 3 locations across the Edinburgh East area - Inch Park, Dalkeith and Loanhead.

Please see our 'Book Now' page for full Timetable options and availability.

If the class you are interested in is waitlisted please add yourself to the waitlist, we will either let you know if a space comes up, or when bookings open for the following term!



Why are sensory experiences important for brain growth?

Your newborn’s brain is about 25% of adult weight but by the end of the first year, it will have doubled in volume (50% growth). The most prolific period of brain growth occurs in the first 3 months of life. This is why is it so important to introduce your new baby to sights, colours, sounds, textures, movement activities and smells from birth.

What happens in a Baby Sensory class?

Every session starts with our ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ song which reassures your baby that Baby Sensory is a happy place to be, followed by 4 short activities (to avoid overstimulation).

All activities are supported by learning and development information, a demonstration and time for you to interact purposefully with your baby.

We then have a rest-break so you can move about, nurse or change your baby, meet other parents, and share ideas and experiences. You will also discover our fabulous range of sensory play equipment to delight, entertain or calm your baby.

The final part of the session includes therapeutic activities and ends with our signature song, ‘Wave Goodbye’ to help your baby drift into peaceful sleep.



Is my baby too young for Baby Sensory?

Baby Sensory was designed exclusively for babies from birth in the knowledge that learning begins in the womb, that brain growth is most rapid in the first 3 months of life and that early sensory experiences play an important role in the whole development of the baby.

Our Birth to 6 month class enables you to enjoy every stage of the exciting development journey, and to learn and grow with your new baby.

Every session is delivered by a trained Practitioner who understands how you are feeling and your baby’s needs. And every session is baby-led so you can feel comfortable in attending to your baby's needs at any time.

The benefits of attending Baby Sensory from birth are incredible. Rich sensory experiences, movement opportunities, intellectual, language and communication activities, emotional and social experiences nourish and build the brain for all future learning. That makes Baby Sensory a truly worthwhile activity from the moment your baby enters the world.

It is never too soon to start the learning journey!

What if my baby sleeps through the session?

Even if your baby sleeps through part of the session, brain scans have shown that newborns take in and process sounds, visual information and movement from the outside world while sleeping. So you can relax and enjoy the activities in the knowledge that your baby is still learning!

Which Baby Sensory class do I join?

We provide Birth to 6 month classes which are carefully planned to move your baby’s learning and development forwards, and to help you to enjoy quality time together.

The session may include one-to-one interactions, singing and signing, touch and massage, movement and exercise, musical experiences, sensory activities, soft lighting, and nurturing techniques to soothe and calm your baby.

When your baby can sit up unaided, their needs change and they continue their mobility development. We therefore offer 7 to 13 month classes to enable you and your baby to enjoy the next stage of the learning and development journey together. 

In addition, we will offer a mixed age class from Birth to 13 months which will accommodate the full age range and give you flexibility of timing options to suit your own routine.

Can I bring my partner / grandparent?

You are welcome to bring an extra adult. If you can let us know ahead of time, that would be great – it just helps plan the class layout.  If our classes are full, there may not be space around the sensory area, but seating to the side will be provided. 

What if I can't attend a class?

If you cannot attend a class, you are welcome to gift your space to a friend/someone with a little one in the class age bracket.  Please just let us know ahead of time and provide the details of their name, baby's name and mobile number.

The class I would like to join is full – how can I book for the following term?

We offer a wait list for those interested in Baby Sensory classes.  Please ensure you join the waitlist for the class you are interested in if it is currently full. 

You will be given ‘Waitlist Priority Access’ for booking prior to public availability.

If you wish to join a term in the future, please ‘Register Your Interest’ on our website for the appropriate venue.

Places do fill quickly, therefore please do book early when the Priority access opens to avoid disappointment.

Can an older sibling attend? 

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate older siblings in our classes. 


If you have any questions, please email edinburgheast@babysensory.co.uk