Baby Sensory East Suffolk


Baby Sensory East Suffolk - our purpose

Baby Sensory is the original baby development programme designed specifically for babies from birth to thirteen months. We are a research based programme, created by experts to help support and guide you in your baby's development through their all important first year of life, a time in which their brain volume will double as a result of trillions of neural connections being created right from birth.

Our aim is to enthuse, empower and enable parents to support their baby's learning and development with carefully planned activities and practitioners are passionate about delivering an innovative sensory education. We lay foundations for your child's later learning through fun, safe, captivating and exciting ideas for play. 

What to expect from our classes

Our classes offer a variety of sensory activities following babies natural cycle of play rest play to ensure they get the absolute best out of our classes. Your baby's senses will be stimulated through instruments, bubbles, baby signing and singing, light and puppet shows, social playtime and so much more with each week following a different theme. Each activity is explained so you can understand the value to your baby's development and gain lots of ideas for play at home too! You will also get to learn our fabulous Say Hello to the Sun song, and experience many songs are resources that are exclusive to Baby Sensory. 

Not only this, but our classes offer a safe place to meet other new parents, talk and share your experiences and make lifelong friends. 

It is never too early to bring your baby along to our magical classes and start your baby sensory experience.